1. 'Stalker' premiere react: Pouring fuel on desire tv 12:28 AM EDT | October 2, 2014
  2. 'How to Get Away with Murder': Who's really the murderer? tv 10:22 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  3. Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video to be released in 3D popwatch 9:05 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  4. Was that the worst 'Survivor' lie ever? tv 9:00 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  5. TV Land picks up two new comedies, 'Impastor' and 'Teachers' tv 8:48 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  6. How one musician makes music from the sounds of YouTube music 8:41 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  7. Casting Net: William Hurt joins ensemble of Jesse Owens biopic 'Race' movies 8:01 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  8. Daft Punk get a reggae makeover courtesy of Mato music 7:33 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  9. 100-year-old 'Sherlock Holmes' film found, undergoing restoration movies 7:04 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  10. New GLAAD study sees an increase in gay depictions on television tv 6:26 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  11. Fox yanks 'Utopia' from Tuesdays tv 6:18 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  12. 'The Originals': Sebastian Roche on Mikael's softer side tv 6:14 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  13. B.J. Novak wants children's book to be a 'gateway drug to literature' books 6:02 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  14. 'Doctor Zhivago' comes to Broadway spring 2015 popwatch 5:54 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  15. Go behind the scenes of NBC's new supernatural series 'Constantine' tv 5:44 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  16. 'Nas: Time is Illmatic' tells the story behind an iconic album music 5:44 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  17. Taran Killam and Sarah Silverman play off each other in 'SNL' promos tv 5:42 PM EDT | October 1, 2014
  18. Tim DeKay cast in 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' as Agent Ward's brother tv 5:18 PM EDT | October 1, 2014

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