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New Girl
9:00 | Fox

''When Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick (Jake Johnson) announce their breakup, one loftmate is especially devastated. Max Greenfield, who plays lovable d-bag Schmidt — and who's also guesting on The Mindy Project tonight — says Schmidt ''finds similarities between Jess and Nick's break-up and his mother and father's divorce.''

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
8:00 | ABC

''Coulson and the team seeks refuge in the very last place anyone would look — where, hopefully, they will also find my house keys.''

8:00 | Fox

''The boys get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The good news? If they do well, then it's off to the VD regionals!''

Season Premiere Celebrity Wife Swap
9:00 | ABC

''The second most famous Jackson brother swaps his wife for the ex-girlfriend of the fourth most famous Baldwin brother. Okay, it's Jermaine and Daniel. But seriously people, this is all just basic mathematics!''


Draft Day
Release Date: Apr 11
Only Lovers Left Alive
Release Date: Apr 11
Release Date: Apr 11
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Release Date: Apr 4
Out Among the Stars Johnny Cash

''No one's ever had a reason to call Johnny Cash an underachiever. He put out nearly 100 original albums over the course of his 40-plus-year career — even the two released after his 2003 death debuted in the top five, a testament to his eternal outlaw appeal.''

G I R L Pharrell Williams
Mastermind Rick Ross
Louder Lea Michele
Struck By Genius Jason Padgett, Maureen Seaberg

A college dropout gets whacked on the head — and he's instantly transformed from a hard-partying musclehead into a Beautiful Mind-level mathematical genius. Too clichéd to be a movie, yet that's exactly what happened to Jason Padgett, a futon salesman who was leaving karaoke night back in 2002 when two guys from the bar assaulted him.''

Astonish Me Maggie Shipstead
The Last Pirate Tony Dokoupil
Until You're Mine Samantha Hayes

''In the grisly pilot episode, squirrelly insurance agent Lester (Martin Freeman) jokingly enlists smooth and grim hitman Lorne (Billy Bob Thornton) to kill his former high school bully. Lester's vague act of complicity in a bad man's death kicks off more murders and the almost comedic unraveling of his own life.''

Mad Men

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