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The Writers' Room
9:00 | SundanceTV

''What does it take to make The Walking Dead? Other than a tanker of fake blood, of course.''

Season Finale Last Man Standing
8:00 | ABC

''Ryan wants Boyd to enter a mutton-busting contest to help build his confidence (by being thrown off a walking sweater?).''

Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp
8:00 | Showtime

''Profile of the pimp, author, and lettuce fan (possibly).''

Season Premiere I Found the Gown
10:00 | TLC

''Okay, folks, we can all stop looking for the damn thing!''


Brick Mansions
Release Date:

''The thriller is essentially a long string of adrenaline-soaked sequences where our heroes -- using the Gallic art of street gymnastics called parkour -- defeat entire crowds of heavily armed villains simply by flipping and jumping faster than speeding bullets.''

Release Date: Apr 25
Young & Beautiful
Release Date: Apr 25
Release Date: Apr 18
Pop Psychology Neon Trees

''Neon Trees first sprouted nearly a decade ago, a mohawked branch on the Killers' dance-rock family cactus. Like their desert-bred forebears, the Mormon-rooted Utah natives mastered the Technicolor hedonism of modern-rock radio — a sound splashed all over their breakout singles ''Animal'' and ''Everybody Talks.'' ''

Out Among the Stars Johnny Cash
G I R L Pharrell Williams
Mastermind Rick Ross
Forcing The Spring Jo Becker

''The same day that Barack Obama was elected the first black president, Californians voted to pass Proposition 8, an initiative that stripped gay and lesbian couples of the right to marry. But then, as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jo Becker describes in Forcing the Spring — a stunning account of the legal battles stemming from Prop 8 — a discouraged but determined political strategist, Chad Griffin (think an Olivia Pope-style "fixer"), began plotting to reverse the damage.''

Chop Chop Simon Wroe
A Fighting Chance Elizabeth Warren
Struck By Genius Jason Padgett, Maureen Seaberg
Orphan Black

''For the women of Orphan Black, the world is an open prison, and self-determination is a tenuous contract with the Powers That Be, who view them only as property. Some take this raw deal to survive.''

Mad Men

In the Magazine

This Week's Cover

''Orange Is the New Black'': Go behind bars as EW takes you inside the strangest, kinkiest, most surprising hit on TV.

How to Make the Ultimate Greek Movie

''Neighbors'' is just the latest movie about fraternity brothers and sorority sisters. EW goes back to school to crack the bro code.

Martin Freeman Does Not Want to be Your Friend

You may know him from ''Sherlock'' or ''The Hobbit.'' But if you meet the star on the street, you may not want to ask for his autograph.