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9:30-10PM | CBS

On this sitcom about a basketball-obsessed Boston clan, Laurie Metcalf stands out as matriarch Marjorie, who calls her charming out-and-proud son Ronny (Tyler Ritter) her best friend.

The Biggest Loser
8-9PM | NBC

One of the teams is sent to temptation-filled Las Vegas, where they give you free, calorie-packed booze just for sitting down at a poker table. (I know, right? Best. Place. On earth.)

9-10PM | ABC

A convicted murderer reaches out to Olivia, who presumably refers him to...

How to Get Away With Murder
10-11PM | ABC

...this show.

10-11:30PM | MTV

Slednecks follows friends as they goof around in Alaska—which is, of course, also how we almost ended up with Sarah Palin as vice president.

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Amy Poehler Tells All

In her new book, ''Yes Please,'' the comedian dishes about the improv biz, ''Saturday Night Live,'' motherhood, and, oh yeah, what she's going to do when ''Parks and Recreation'' ends its run next year

Leaving Reality Behind

The very networks that gave us the Housewives and the Kardashians are launching scripted shows. Is it the end of reality?