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9-10PM | NBC

It begins with a Hexenbiest using a two-headed serpent to execute a blood transfusion. It ends with de-Grimmed Nick (David Giuntoli) and treacherous Adalind (Claire Coffee) switching consciousnesses.

Last Man Standing
8-8:31PM | ABC

Mike offers Mandy advice on setting aside money to pay taxes on her struggling online clothing business.

8:31-9PM | ABC

Cristela fails to persuade Josh to join her in dressing up as Hall & Oates for Halloween.

Deal With It
9-9:30PM | TBS

Contestants must obey all instructions given through an earpiece by host Theo Von and celebrity guests like this week's Ross Mathews.

Shark Tank
9-10:01PM | ABC

An entrepreneur has a product designed to appeal to the ''urban beardsman.''

10-11PM | NBC

Constantine must protect a mining community from an ancient Welsh spirit.

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