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Dottie Hinson and Jimmy Dugan

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Image credit: A League of Their Own: Louis Goldman

Hollywood's best ballplayers: Dottie Hinson and Jimmy Dugan

PLAYED BY Geena Davis and Tom Hanks

MOVIE A League of Their Own (1992)

POSITIONS Catcher (Hinson) and manager (Dugan)

TEAM The Rockford Peaches, a real team in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, which lasted from 1943-1954

STATS Hinson is the best player in the women's baseball league that starts up while the men are overseas during World War II. Jimmy, a potential Hall of Fame hitter whose career was cut short by a drinking problem, proves an adept manager, leading his team to the women's World Series — with a lot of managerial help from Hinson.

ACCURACY Director Penny Marshall supposedly made sure she cast actresses who could really field and hit. The old women playing baseball at the Hall of Fame sequence at the end of the film are real-life alums of the AAGPBL.

MEMORABLE MOMENTS Dottie does a split while catching a pop fly. And an apoplectic Jimmy tells a bawling player, ''There's no crying in baseball!''

MALE KLEENEX FACTOR 3 out of 10 hankies, until the coda with the survivors gathered at the Hall of Fame — then it's an 8


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Originally posted Oct 14, 2004

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