Stage Review

Fat Pig (2004)


Details Opening Date: Dec 15, 2004; Lead Performances: Ashlie Atkinson, Andrew McCarthy, Jeremy Piven and Keri Russell; Writer: Neil LaBute

It's ironic that in writing a play called Fat Pig about a dude who falls in love with an overweight chick, notoriously cruel playwright Neil LaBute has gone soft. But how else to explain this decent, talky little piece and the way it leaves us feeling like we missed the punchline? Jeremy Piven's Tom is a perfect lovelorn fool; as his jerkwad friends, former Brat Packer Andrew McCarthy and Keri ''Who You Callin' Felicity'' Russell handle LaBute's diminished nastiness with ease. But it's Ashlie Atkinson (as the fat pig in question) who anchors this play with her humanity and, weirdly, leaves us wishing there'd been a little less of it.

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