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Bad Santa


Billy Bob Thornton, Bad Santa
Image credit: Everett Collection

''Bad Santa'' is one of the best anti-Christmas DVDs

WHO'S NAUGHTY AND NICE Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox

PREMISE Willie (Thornton, above) and Marcus (Cox) steal from the malls where they work as Santa and an elf. The partners' latest crime venture is complicated when a lonely kid (Brett Kelly) wants to befriend Willie's Santa

BAH, HUMBUG! MOMENT Thornton's Santa is a foul-mouthed drunk. In fact, the film contains 243 separate uses of profanity.

MEMORABLE QUOTE Hard to find a printable one, but let's just say this: Willie's girlfriend (Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham) has a bit of a Santa fetish, and she wants to do more than sit on his lap. Naughty!

Originally posted Dec 17, 2004

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