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The Office Christmas Special


Lucy Davis, Ricky Gervais, ...

''The Office Christmas Special'' is one of the best anti-Christmas DVDs

WHO'S NAUGHTY AND NICE Mackenzie Crook, Ricky Gervais, Lucy Davis, and Martin Freeman (pictured, from left to right)

PREMISEThe documentary crew filming the goings on at Wernham Hogg (as chronicled in the first two seasons of the show) has made David (Gervais) a star, and he's eager to catch up with his disinterested ex-employees. Tim (Freeman) and Dawn (Davis) see each other for the first time since she moved to Florida with her fiancé.

BAH, HUMBUG! MOMENT The show nicely captures the dullness of an office holiday party: dreary small talk, crappy food and decorations, and the obligatory Secret Santa gift exchange.

Originally posted Dec 17, 2004

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