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Joanie Laurer (a.k.a. Chyna)

Joanie Laurer
Image credit: Chyna Doll: Chris Mainz/GettyImages/VH1

AGE 35

WHO? Former wrestler for the WWE

CAREER HIGH POINT Reportedly earned a million dollars to pose for Playboy; her autobiography, If They Only Knew, was a best-seller.

FUN (?) FACT Recently began singing with her band, the Chyna Dolls

'SURREAL' MOMENTS Shows up sporting dreads, a bikini with a nameplate belt, a fur-lined trench coat, a fur hat, and clear stilettos. Measures her biceps with a tape measure. Uses a ThighMaster on her chest and biceps. Breaks into the pantry. Breaks into Verne Troyer's room.

'SURREAL' QUOTE ''I want to meet other celebrities and really spend time with them. I want to see if they're just like me or if I really am just f---in' crazy.''

ADRIANNE SAYS ''I actually was a little intimidated when I saw her, 'cause I was like, 'Here we go, some chick that's going to kick my a-- if I don't give her her way,' but she's actually a little pussycat.''

Originally posted Jan 06, 2005

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