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I Won't Be Back

Schwarzenegger calls ''T4'' cameo unlikely. The governor says he'll appear in the next movie only if producers film in California instead of Hungary

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines | STATE OF DISGRACE The Governator will not be back if ''T4'' shoots in Hungary instead of California
Image credit: Terminator 3: Warner Bros.
STATE OF DISGRACE The Governator will not be back if ''T4'' shoots in Hungary instead of California

Producers of the upcoming Terminator 4 can probably say ''hasta la vista, baby'' to any hope of getting Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear in the movie, even in a cameo. Talking to the San Francisco Chronicle this week, the California governor said he'd been approached by the filmmakers to make a brief appearance in the film, which is expected to take place during the near-future war between humans and machines described in the first three films. But the actor-turned-politician suggested that he would not appear in the movie unless its production dollars were spent in his state. He said he told producers, ''They will never see me for one second in the movie'' unless it's shot in California. That's an unlikely prospect, since the film is scheduled to shoot this year in Budapest.

Not that Schwarzenegger isn't willing to take time from his duties in Sacramento to return to his old job. Last month, Schwarzenegger appeared on Fox's The Best Damn Sports Show Period, hosted by his True Lies costar, Tom Arnold, and announced that he would appear in a cameo in the host's upcoming movie The Kid and I. The comedy centers on the relationship between a screen star (played by Tom Arnold, who is also writing and producing) and a teen with cerebral palsy who wants to be an action star. Shannon Elizabeth, Joe Mantegna, and fellow True Lies alum Jamie Lee Curtis will also appear in the film. It's a safe bet that this one is not shooting in Hungary.

Originally posted Jan 21, 2005

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