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Child's Prey

Freaked out by the tyke in ''Joshua''? See why he and other scary-good kid actors give us the willies

Jacob Kogan

Joshua (2007)

Why Jacob Kogan scares us in ''Joshua''

CLASSIFICATION Somewhere between Cute but Lethal and Freakishly Precocious

CHARACTER Piano-playing prodigy Joshua Cairn, a strange boy who becomes even stranger (and quite dangerous!) when his parents (Vera Farmiga and Sam Rockwell) bring home his newborn sister.

CHILD'S PLAY In addition to his penchant for wearing tiny suits, Joshua apparently enjoys hurting animals, lurking in shadows, and pelting rocks at homeless people.

CHILLING MOMENT Joshua nonchalantly cuts the stuffing out of a toy panda, right where the heart would be.

WHY HE SCARES US With Damien of the Omen movies, there's a demon at work — but with Joshua, perfectly normal, realistic forces (jealousy, sibling rivalry) drive his madness.

WOULD PLAY WELL WITH... Patty McCormack as The Bad Seed (1956)

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