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'Fony' Baloney

Wheatus emerges from obscurity with new album -- After mistreatment by Sony, the band left the label and self-released their latest disc, ''Suck Fony''

Four years ago, energetic Long Island rock band Wheatus were playing sold-out shows and enjoying platinum status overseas. Today, not so much. Hence the title of the group's new album, Suck Fony. (Hint: Transpose the S and the F.) According to singer-gultarist Brendan Brown, the label released the band's follow-up with ''such a whimper. It was evident to every media and radio outlet that the label did not care about this record.'' (Sony has not responded to requests from EW for comment.) Consequently, the group decided to reclaim ownership of those songs and self-release them under the new, Sony-unfriendly title. And with their new found Independence, well, we wish them lood guck.

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