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Mya, Soul Train Music Awards
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OH MYA The R&B songstress will hawk Iceberg jeans to her mostly teenage following

WHAT Iceberg jeans
HER WORDS Though Mya, 21, doesn't mind preening in designer fashion, she is feeling uncomfortable with the sexier image she unveiled for her latest album. ''You feel a little guilty because people do look up to you,'' she told People Online. ''They feel what you do is okay and they have the right to do it also.'' Not to worry, 99 percent of America couldn't fit into her sequined hot pants anyway.
WHAT THE PROS SAY Mya's followers are the stuff of retailers' fantasies. ''She always has a hot single out, and she appeals to a young crowd that's a little older than the teenyboppers,'' explains Tasha Turner, beauty and accessories editor of Vibe. ''Her fans are at the age where they have their own money to spend and they're going out to a lot of parties.'' Plus, as a spokesmodel, Mya's hip to cutting edge fashions. ''When I talk to kids about what they like, they always say Iceberg,'' says Chance. ''It's just wildly popular right now.''
BETTER SINGER OR SELLER? Seller, by far. But if she's worried that her saucy stage outfits will lure young girls to reveal excessive cleavage, she may be MUCH too nice to be a model.

WHO Mary J. Blige
WHATMAC's Viva Glam cosmetics line; Dolce & Gabbana and MAC sponsor her tours
HER WORDS Sure, she's shilling eyeshadow with Lil' Kim for a good cause, but the soul singer and admitted shoe freak, 30, really has an eye to selling her own designs. ''I'm not creating a clothes and shoe line just yet, but it's on the way,'' Blige told the New York Daily News.
WHAT THE PROS SAY ''Young women love Mary, and they love MAC,'' says Chance. And the critically acclaimed Grammy winner, who used to tromp around on stage in a baseball jersey and hightops, is impressing fans with her glam new image, which she shows off in the MAC ads. Already established as her generation's queen of soul, her recently uncovered sex appeal is gravy.
BETTER SINGER OR SELLER She sure looks hot in the thigh high boots and the miniskirts, but there isn't another model anywhere who can sing that brassy brand of soul. Sorry, Milla.

Originally posted Mar 15, 2001

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