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''Love is a fine thing to take a chance on,'' insists CROOKED FINGERS mastermind Eric Bachmann on the bittersweet ''Call to Love,'' an exclusive cut from the band's upcoming album, Dignity and Shame. ITUNES.COM

With its continuous click-clack percussion and sinister bass, ''Woman King'' feels like a dank trip down a creepy bayou. The twangy folk song is the title track from a new EP by IRON AND WINE. SUBPOP.COM

Ohio's HEARTLESS BASTARDS will have you ''Runnin'' for their bruised brand of blues. Channeling Janis' wall, Erika Wennerstrom rises above the distorted sway with a soulful toughness. FATPOSSUM.COM

DEVIN DAVIS sure knows his way around a great hook. Aiming to retrieve his ''Iron Woman,'' he deploys an instantly hummable power-pop chorus—not to mention a boisterous sax solo. DEVINDAVISWEBSITE.COM

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