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Jonathan Libby

Jonathan Libby, Survivor: Palau
Image credit: Jonathan Libby: Robert Voets/CBS

''Survivor: Palau'': Meet Jonathan Libby

Eliminated Feb. 17, 2005

AGE 23


OCCUPATION Sales and marketing

THE SCOOP According to his bio, this straight-shootin' Texan goes fishing, teaches women's self-defense, and competes in ''full-contact fighting'' in his spare time.

PROS Being a cancer survivor, he has already beaten greater odds than his 1 in 20 chance of becoming a Survivor champ.

CONS He's similar to another handsome, genial Texan — Colby Donaldson — but like Colby, he may lack the killer instinct necessary to seal the deal.

Originally posted Feb 11, 2005

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