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On ''American Idol,'' Simon, Paula, and Randy are making their last judgments. Are they picking the most talented contestants? Weigh in!

Simon Cowell, American Idol | ABUSIVE POWER Simon continues to enjoy making the unkindest cuts
ABUSIVE POWER Simon continues to enjoy making the unkindest cuts

''American Idol'': Who deserves to be a finalist?

Less than a week until the power to crush young dreams is put back where it belongs — at the tip of your speed-dialin' index finger. Until the American Idol semifinals get under way next Monday, however, you'll have to let Paula, Simon, and Randy do the dirty work for you.

On Tuesday night, the judges did a pretty competent job separating the wheat from the chaff, with one exception: How the heck did they send home big-boned-and-beautiful Jennifer Todd? Still, most of their other choices in narrowing the field from 75 to 44 made good sense: Mario Vasquez is in, Dezmond Meeks is out. Mikalah Gordon lives to fight another day, but she won't have to worry about facing nasty Carrie Zaruba. And the contestant with the best name, Tammy Wynette Nash, made it to the next round.

Wednesday night's episode will narrow the field even further, to just 24 semifinalists. Which hopeful has potential to be the next Fantasia? Is there a contestant still standing whose ego needs serious deflating? Post your thoughts on the show here, then check back Thursday morning for's official take on this week's episodes.

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Originally posted Feb 15, 2005

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