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Star Wars
Image credit: Star Wars Episode II: Return of the Clones: © & TM Lucasfilm

Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars DVD Edition

(Hasbro, $49.99)

WHAT IT IS The perfect teaser for the final Star Wars episode (May 19's Revenge of the Sith), this trivia set spans George Lucas' entire series, with such categories as The Cantina; The Force; Heroes, Villains & Scoundrels; and Hyperspace. The best part? This game also includes video-clip questions from all six movies — that's right, sneak peeks of Revenge of the Sith included!

WHY WE LOVE IT There are many reasons, Padawan learner, but here are the top three:
1) Anything having to do with Sith — in which we'll finally find out how Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader — is exciting, duh.
2) About 20 of the DVD questions feature Star Wars fans acting out various scenes from the films.
3) If the Trivial Pursuit gurus make this similar to their Lord of the Rings game, even the most rabid fans will be seriously challenged.

HOW YOU CAN GET IT The game releases wide on April 2. May the Force be with you as you battle the long lines.

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