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Short takes

Arch Nemesis
The infamous, marginally talented Eminem-hater stumbles from tired crunk to Kris Kross-style bubblegum hip-hop to that most unfortunate of genres, rap-rock, on this overzealous, 25-track mess. C -

Burning in the Sun
A test-tube alliance of bluegrass twang and Britpop swoon, this quartet's full-length debut is undeniably pleasant, even if the songwriting is slight. B -

Bye Bye Beauté
French chanteuse Clement tosses indie-rock nuggets (''L'Enfer'' is like the Strokes go to Paris) into her Gauloise-jazz repertoire for a soigne CD sure to seduce both hipsters and their parents. B+

Blue Eyed in the Red Room
Combining solitary styles — acoustic indie-folk and experimental-electronica — Cincinnati-based producer Boom Bip's Red Room is a meditative mix of blips and strums. Computer programmers, this is your bedtime music. B

In the Glear
The New York City trio's latest breezy offering brims with pop tunes that are bar-of-soap, barefoot-in-the-park fresh. It'll remind you of St. Etienne. And springtime. B

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