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Oscar Stars: What's Next

Clint Eastwood goes to war, Jamie Foxx goes to ''Miami,'' and Annette Bening goes nuts: Here's what 2005's Oscar nominees have on deck

Johnny Depp, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | DEPP IN CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY
Image credit: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Peter Mountain

Best Actor

Currently filming the military drama Jarhead (Nov. 11) for Sam Mendes, double nominee Jamie Foxx will fly into theaters this July as a pilot in the military thriller Stealth. And the actor plans to fill out Det. Ricardo Tubbs' pastel blazers for a big-screen adaptation of Miami Vice, due out next year.

Also taking on a remake, Leonardo DiCaprio begins filming next month on the twisty crime thriller The Departed, based on the hit Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs, for fellow nominee Martin Scorsese.

Continuing his streak with longtime collaborator Tim Burton, Johnny Depp hopes to charm the kiddies in both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, out July 15, and the stop-motion animated flick Corpse Bride, out this September. He sails off to shoot the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean this month.

Don Cheadle will ponder L.A. race relations in Crash, the theatrical directorial debut of Million Dollar Baby screenwriting nominee Paul Haggis, and then make his own directorial debut with an adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Tishomingo Blues.

Though Clint Eastwood is set to direct Flags of Our Fathers, the WWII drama that starts shooting this summer, one never knows whether he'll catch the acting bug again and pluck a part for himself.

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