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Go, Go-Betweens!

Fox's ''24'' pays tribute to the Go-Betweens -- TV drama names fictional company after frontmen from semi-obscure '80s Australian band

24 is the kind of TV show that begs endless questions, but those familiar with the Go-Betweens — a semi-obscure '80s Australian pop band — are fixated on one in particular: Did the Fox drama name a shady company McLennan-Forster as a wink to the group's co-frontmen, Grant McLennan and Robert Forster? ''We're always cycling through so many character and company names — and frankly it has a great ring,'' says 24 exec producer Evan Katz, a big fan of the Go-Betweens (who have a new CD due May 3). ''If it didn't sound right, I never would've done it, but it seemed like a good opportunity to pay homage to a very talented cult band.'' He says he doesn't expect anything from the Go-Betweens for the prime-time plug, but certainly wouldn't complain if he received ''a soundboard recording of their Barbican Centre concert in London last summer. I already have a T-shirt.''

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