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I love Desperate Housewives, and I am thrilled you did a collector's set of five covers. However, I have to take you to task for one of the worst pictures I have ever seen on your cover. Teri Hatcher is an unbelievably beautiful woman. What happened? I hardly recognized her. I think you owe her an apology, because the other four covers look great and I can't wait to add them to my collection. The only thing missing now is the men. Where is that hunk James Denton? I could go for a cover shot of him any day.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

I realize that ABC hasn't had much to crow about after Threat Matrix, Karen Sisco, Line of Fire, and Kingdom Hospital, but can we please chill out on the Desperate Housewives hype? I mean, we know it's a good show, and the ladies are beautiful, but the media are going to burn the show out with overexposure. A couple more cover articles and I'm going to feel as if I don't have to actually watch the show to know what it's about.


While I love Desperate Housewives, I don't think it deserves two covers in less than six months. How about showcasing one of the best television shows period, Arrested Development, instead? While Desperate Housewives has a long, lucrative future ahead and doesn't need the extra promotion, Arrested Development could use all the promotion it can get given its questionable future at Fox. I'd be willing to bet it would be one of your best issues ever.

Sunderland, Mass.


I just wanted to say how disappointed I was with Regina King (''It's Good to Be King''). Blaming her inability to achieve top-tier status on her color is a lame cop-out, and I would have expected something more from someone who avoids the cliché in her acting choices.

Los Angeles


You should be forced to sit in a comfy chair for your omissions from the top 20 Monty Python sketches (''Flying Circus Maximus'')! How could you leave out all the great skits from Holy Grail? The witch-burning, the Black Knight, Dennis (''Strange women lyin' in ponds. . .''), the knights who say Ni!, the Bridge of Death! And then, from Life of Brian, the best, and only, skit ever to use Latin grammar: ''Romans Go Home''!

Silver Spring, Md.


Would you guys get with the program and stop calling Carnivàle ''a snore'' (News & Notes)? You're normally pretty astute, but you're way off base on this one. Just because there's not someone getting ''whacked'' every five minutes does not make it a boring show. In this overstimulated era of formulaic movies and TV shows, I like something that's a little slower-boiling than most, not to mention off the beaten path.

Virginia Beach, Va.

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