Diaz and Dung

EW analyzes Cameron Diaz's new earth-friendly show -- We question whether MTV's ''Trippin''' is about environmental awareness or just flatulence

Cameron Diaz says her new travelogue series on MTV, Trippin', is about environmental awareness. But we can't quite shake the feeling that it's really about awareness of more personal occurrences.

Times word environment was used in March 28 episode: 3

Times poo (or a derivative, such as dung) was used: 10

Times Diaz's fellow trekker Redman's vocabulary was bleeped out: 20

Arachnophobes on the trip: 1 (Eva Mendes)

Actresses present with flatulence problems: 1 (Mendes again)

Times Diaz said ''It all goes back to poo'': 2

Animated rhinos shown taking a ''poo'': 1

Originally posted Apr 11, 2005 Published in issue #815 Apr 15, 2005 Order article reprints

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