Trendy Toolbelt

Queen Latifah starts a new tool belt trend -- Real hairstylists are already wearing copycatting the ''Beauty Shop'' star's flashy-but-functional designer sash

To whip up Gina's one-of-a-kind ''tool belt,'' Queen Latifah called on the L.A.-based handbag house Junior Drake, whose fans include Ashanti. ''She wanted something flashy that matched her character's attitude — fresh and creative,'' says design director and longtime personal friend Tgia, who observed a dearth of fashionable options at beauty-supply stores. ''But she also wanted it to be functional and realistic.'' Roomy enough to stash blow- dryer, scissors, andPDA, stylish patent- and metallic-leather creations are already being spotted around the waists of real hairstylists from the Beauty Shop set.

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