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'Star' Gazing

I enjoyed your six Star Wars covers, but was a little disappointed. Why wasn't there a cover featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi? Sir Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor have created the most interesting character in the saga. He deserves to be recognized!

Kansas City, Mo.

I opened my mailbox to behold a sight I can never get enough of: Harrison Ford as Han Solo from Episode IV. Memories of my first positive thoughts about the male species came back to me. Then I realized this was one of six different covers I could have received. You couldn't have made a better choice for me! Now I just have to keep from staining the cover with my sweaty palms!

Monroe Township, N.J.

I had a lukewarm reaction to George Lucas' plan to re-release all six Star Wars movies in 3-D (''The Next Dimension,'' News & Notes). I doubt that anyone in this galaxy could stand suffering through The Phantom Menace again even if it was projected in 4-D! Let's hope Lucas will remember that it was a combination of engaging acting and great storytelling, not merely whiz-bang gadgetry, that made the original trilogy legendary.

Leyden, Mass.

Pop Rocks

Congrats on the Pop Culture Quiz — it was a lot of fun and harder than I thought. I consider myself a couch potato and I only scored 70. But it's great to know that I could ''sustain conversation with Martin Scorsese for exactly six minutes.'' If I ever meet him (ha-ha), I'll be prepared thanks to you!

Huntington, W. Va.

The Kelly Gang

While many still perceive Kelly Clarkson as an American Idol winner, your article (''The Reborn Identity'') portrayed her as what she has become: a credible and talented artist in her own right. It was wonderful to get her thoughts on her management switch, on AI, and on her new music. As the only American Idol I endorse with my money and respect, she provided an excellent read.


I've been a big fan of Kelly Clarkson ever since I first saw her on American Idol. But I hope her new managers stop leaving her alone with reporters lest she again say something so stupid as ''[Marilyn Monroe was] the Paris Hilton of her day.''

San Francisco

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