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Which reality-TV family from MTV came out on top? Check out the latest Ask the Critic question and post your own

Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson, ... | TUNA IN Newlyweds ' Lachey and Simpson
TUNA IN Newlyweds' Lachey and Simpson

Which reality-TV family from MTV came out on top?

With Newlyweds ending, which MTV reality family came out on top — the Osbournes or the Simpson-Lacheys? — Sara Green
The better show? That'd be the Emmy-winning, often sweet Osbournes, whose matriarch, Sharon, is one of TV's grandes dames. But scenes in which an addled Ozzy warns his kids against drugs are too ironic now that Kelly and Jack have done rehab stints. Nick and Jessica's silly banter offers guilt-free TV — and Newlyweds is a perfect Dumb Blonde Is Born time capsule now that Simpson is parlaying her shtick into a big-screen remake of The Dukes of Hazzard.

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