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EW reviews four new albums -- We take a closer look at music by Penetrators, Lyrics Born, Marcus Miller, and Fall Out Boy

EW reviews four new albums


PENETRATORS Basement Anthology 1976-84

With snotty anthems like ''Teenage Lifestyle,'' these crass clowns from Syracuse, N.Y., may be the swellest punk band you've never heard. Think the Dictators as smart-aleck townies instead of wiseass Bronx boys. It's that good. A-

LYRICS BORN Same !@#$ Different Day

The motormouth MC's solo debut, 2003's Later That Day. . ., is reborn on this funkdafied addendum featuring a blend of remixes and fresh tracks. With friends like DJ Shadow and KRS-One lending their talents, It's anything but the same !@#$. B+


Miller's electric bass slaps, swings, skitters, and sings through this mixed bag. Covers range from nostalgia (''Frankenstein'') to inspired tribute (Hendrix's ''Power of Soul''). Eric Clapton can't rescue the weak-kneed reggae of the title track, but bittersweet neo-soul infuses ''Behind the Smile.'' B

FALL OUT BOY From Under the Cork Tree

Peppy pop-punk aimed at the Warped Tour crowd. If the infectious songs don't get you, the snarky titles will — including ''Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Title of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued'' and our favorite, ''Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner.'' B+

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