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Jack Black

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Image credit: Tenacious D: Dennie Van Tine/London Features

Actors Who Sing: Jack Black

BAND The duo Tenacious D

ALBUM Tenacious D, 2001 (EW Grade: A)

SOUNDS LIKE... A souped-up, deliriously dirty version of mock-rock faves Spinal Tap

THE LOWDOWN Black (pictured, right, alongside brother-in-rock Kyle Gass) proves that he's got the voice and the guitar chops on a handful of ''crank up the volume'' songs. And like any great metal band, D's even got a power ballad: ''F--- Her Gently.''

MEMORABLE LYRIC ''And then you say, 'Wait a minute, Sally/ I think I got something in my teeth/ Could you get it out for me?'/ That's f---ing teamwork!'' (''F--- Her Gently'')

DOWNLOAD THIS ''Tribute'' is a hilarious tune about going face-to-face with the devil, who demands the band play the greatest song in the world. It's also surprisingly rockin' — you'll find yourself head banging and playing air guitar.

Originally posted May 18, 2005

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