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Here's the scoop on 50 Cent and Eminem's Anger Management Tour, plus outings by U2, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, and others

50 Cent | UNDER 'MANAGEMENT' 50 Cent will tour with Eminem, G-Unit, D12, and Lil Jon this summer
Image credit: 50 Cent: Zach Gold
UNDER 'MANAGEMENT' 50 Cent will tour with Eminem, G-Unit, D12, and Lil Jon this summer

Eminem meets 50 Cent on this third annual tour. Their respective cliques, D12 and G Unit, will join them, as will Lil Jon. Which makes us wonder: What's it like backstage with two dozen platinum rappers? ''We get into water fights,'' says D12's Bizarre. ''There's wrestling and videogames.'' Thanks, Bizarre, but something tells us that's the PG version. (7/7-8/13)

Bust out those leg warmers: The summer of '84 is coming soon to a minor-league baseball park near you. (''Bring your lighter!'' encourages Adams.) No word on possible collaborations between the two '80s favorites, although Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott says he'd like to try Adams' 1987 track ''Victim of Love.'' But more important, Elliott wants to try baseball. ''I've seen Field of Dreams, but I've never been to a game,'' he says. ''What's that song? 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame'?'' (6/1-8/10)

Although their latest globe-spanning trek heads back across the pond in late May, they'll return to collect more dough in the fall. (THROUGH 5/28)

After seeing Dylan perform in New York City this month, EW is happy to report that the music legend is just as captivating (and incomprehensible) as ever. (5/25-7/12)

Curious fact: Chesney's tour (also featuring Gretchen Wilson) is sponsored by a brand of rum. Perhaps the happy juice helped facilitate his impromptu wedding to a certain Oscar winner? (5/26 -- 6/28)

They performed their ''Twelve Final Shows'' last fall, but Frank Black & Co. are back (liars!). Not that we mind, especially with guests like Interpol and LCD Soundsystem. Black reports his Pixies are getting along well now that they're back together — much like another formerly feuding group. ''We kind of feel like we're in Fleetwood Mac's VH1 era,'' says Black. ''We're beyond drama.'' (5/26-7/23)

Good news for people who love their latest album, Good News...: The band is playing even more U.S. dates. (5/28-6/28)

With Texas rockers Los Lonely Boys opening up, the smooth and spiritual axman will be previewing songs from his upcoming All That I Am, due in September. (5/30-9/6)

Their new album boasts some of their tightest, most concise songs yet. Live, will they ditch the epic jams of yore? Don't bet on it. (6/1-9/7)

Before they spread out to conquer every conceivable genre as solo artists, these superstar pop-hop misfits once again make like Voltron, coming together as one to get started once again. (6/3-8/13)

About 90,000 outdoorsy types will journey to Manchester, Tenn., to see Trey Anastasio, Dave Matthews Band, Rilo Kiley, and about 70 other acts performing over three days. Jack Johnson, who'll be making his third appearance at the fest, is psyched for the non-headliners. ''Mars Volta and Modest Mouse, I'd like to check them out,'' he says. ''This festival is a nice balance between jam bands and contemporary bands and roots music.'' (6/10-6/12)

Can't make it all the way down to Tennessee to see Bonnaroo? Instead, head for this traveling good-time circus sideshow, which features jam-friendly artists like Trey Anastasio, Ben Harper, Jurassic 5, and the Black Keys. (6/16-7/31)

Sk8ter bois, rejoice! With roughly 70 gnarly bands (including the Offspring, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy) and cheap tix, this franchise is the season's bang-for-your-buck event. (6/18-8/15)

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