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EW recommends Gang of Four, Kano, Bebel Gilberto, and Los Super 7

Hugely influential, newly reunited dance-rock pioneers GANG OF FOUR prove they're still relevant on ''To Hell With Poverty 2005,'' a rerecording of their biting 1982 take on corruption and apathy. ITUNES.COM

With a 100-yard-dash flow and the charisma of a young Jay-Z, London rapper KANO could be the future of hip-hop. You can decide for yourself with ''We Have a Problem.'' KA-NO.COM

Producer Guy Sigsworth's string-laden take on BEBEL GILBERTO's ''O Caminho'' (from May 31's Bebel Gilberto Remixed) makes the sultry singer sound especially seductive. SIXDEGREESRECORDS.COM/FREEREMIX

Featuring vocals from Austin legend Ruben Ramos, Tex-Mex supergroup LOS SUPER 7 turn in a gloriously scuffed-up live version of their swamp-blues romp ''Heard It on the X.'' LOSSUPERSEVEN.COM

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