Mädchen Amick

EW does a fast take with Mädchen Amick -- The former ''Twin Peaks'' star gives starlets advice on TV dating

Twin Peaks' pie peddler Mädchen Amick has been popping up in prime time lately as the paramour of TV's most eligible bachelors on Joey, ER, and Jake in Progress. Here are her notes on surviving the small-screen dating scene.

Play to your strengths — or weaknesses.

My husband says I'm most like [Kylie] on Jake. That's my ditzy side. I tend to have quite a lot of accidents.

Helping a guy — say, Noah Wyle's glum ER doc John Carter — rebound from a breakup can be rough.

You don't want every scene to be dark and brooding. I wanted to breathe some life into his character. Get him out, get him rock climbing, get him to try to live again.

Matt LeBlanc: not as dumb as he looks.

He always knows how to play to the audience, he plays to the camera just right. I took note of his style. I really wanted to be worthy of his presence.

With so many shows, you never have to settle for one leading man.

A little bit of all of them makes the perfect guy.

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