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As HBO's ''Six Feet Under'' enters its final year on a new night (Mondays, starting June 6 at 9 p.m.), we help you catch up on how the show's characters ended season 4

Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, ...
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Michael C. Hall, Mathew St. Patrick, ...
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David and Keith

When we left off . . . David (Michael C. Hall, pictured right) had conquered his fears and gone to confront his deranged (and now imprisoned) abductor, while Keith (Mathew St. Patrick) mulled a job offer from the wealthy gay creep who had been threatening to sue David.

Burning questions When will David learn to appreciate his stable job and ridiculously handsome partner? Will Keith's adorable niece — and the possibility of adoption — re-enter the picture? More important, are the show's writers finally going to give our favorite Six Feet couple a little happiness?

Interest level 10: Even in season 4's bleakest moments (horrific abduction episode aside), David and Keith kept alive the show's delightfully off-kilter and very necessary sense of humor.

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