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In honor of June's brides and grooms, picks 13 memorable wedding moments -- for better and for worse -- from the movies

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding


''My Big Fat Greek Wedding'' made our list of the best and worst movie weddings

THE BLESSED EVENT After a de-frumping makeover, Toula (Nia Vardalos) lands a kind and loving floppy-haired stud (John Corbett). Yet nobody in her (very large) family has ever married a non-Greek, and that — along with a wedding-day zit — creates complications in an ethnic comedy featuring a lot of characters named Nick.

WHY IT TAKES THE CAKE Written by Vardalos, and shepherded to the screen by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Wedding grossed an astonishing $241 million without ever once spending a weekend at No. 1 on the box office charts. The movie garnered Vardalos an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay and produced a short-lived sitcom spin-off, My Big Fat Greek Life. One just has to wonder if it goosed sales of Windex, which was advertised throughout the film as a wacky Greek spray-on cure-all.


(Joshua Rich and Gregory Kirschling also contributed to this gallery)

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