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Lenny Kravitz launches a design firm -- The ''Are You Gonna Go My Way'' rocker makes the crossover to interior design and architectural consulting

Lenny Kravitz is trading his guitars for paint swatches with the launch of his interior and architectural design consulting firm, Kravitz Design. The Miami-based outfit's projects include a chandelier for Swarovski's Crystal Palace Collection and a penthouse/recording studio at Miami's Setai resort. ''I have no architectural education. I draw crude drawings and take them to an architect,'' says Kravitz. ''For the Setai, we used thick, beautiful shag carpets, lacquer, glass, metal, mirrors, and different skins and leather.'' Next up: plans for a clothing line that could debut next year. But for now, blueprints and moldings are all he can think about. ''I'd love to design a hotel resort. It would be soulful elegance from top to bottom, not stiff glamour.''

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