The Heartbreak Kid

If Flow earns the same kind of rapturous response it grabbed at Sundance earlier this year, Manning may finally make the rough transition from vaguely familiar face to full-blown celebrity. Is she ready? ''It would be cool to be a bigger name, get more offers, and make more money,'' she says. ''But sometimes I can't even deal with the little bit of recognition that I do get. I don't like being stared at. I don't know why people are looking at me, and I wonder if they're tearing me apart.'' With a gentle laugh, she states the obvious: ''I'm just not your classic girl next door, no matter how I spin it.''

30-Second Bio

AGE 26
HOMETOWN Tucson, Ariz.
DAY JOB NO. 2 Manning and her older brother, Kellin, sometimes perform as a trip-pop duo called Boomkat. Their first album, Boomkatalog One, was released in 2003 to middling sales, prompting DreamWorks Records, she says, to buy out their contract: ''They can shove it! They dropped us, and it hurt. They didn't like the fact that I was an actress, too.'' (She's currently shopping a second album's worth of material.)
DAY JOB NO. 3 With her best friend, Tara Jane, she also runs Born Uniqorn, an L.A.-based fashion line for women that's popular in Japan.
NEXT In Dandelion, out this October, Manning plays a free-spirited Idaho girl whose affair with a former juvenile criminal leads to disaster.

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