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Download This...Expanded -- EW recommends songs that should have been singles, like Mariah Carey's ''Stay the Night'' and The White Stripes' ''My Doorbell''

Download This...Expanded

There's a reason they're called the dog days. Right about August, the music business smells about as fresh as a Dumpster at high noon. So instead of our usual review, here's an expanded edition of our Download This column, made up of non- (but should-have-been) singles from the last few months to help get us over the hump. All are downloadable on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster — except for a special EW exclusive from V2 Records. Check out our fabulous 15. — Ryan Dombal, Michael Endelman, Raymond Fiore, Leah Greenblatt, and Chris Willman

> She may have ruled Billboard's singles chart for much of the summer with ''We Belong Together,'' but MARIAH CAREY's breezy-beautiful soul jam ''Stay the Night'' best showcases the extent of her Emancipation.

> The electro-cool GORILLAZ snag cute kiddies to chant, ''The poor people are burning in the sun. . ./I need a gun/'Cos all I do is dance.'' ''Dirty Harry'' is feel-good music with an eerie aura.

> With its horn-laced Motown strut, R&B newbie TREY SONGZ's ''Comin' for You'' cuts through the clutter of booty-obsessed hits with startling innocence.

> ''Can't Stop'' is a funky hurricane; dancers will be flailing to keep up with producer Rich Harrison's spine-snapping syncopations. MISSY ELLIOTT adds some of her horniest one-liners. Someone needs to get a room!

> THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS crank out a scream-along anthem for the Myspace set with ''Move Along,'' which boasts an indelible hook. The Oklahoma quartet continues to make emo safe for stadiums everywhere.

> Country upstart MIRANDA LAMBERT threatens to torch an ex's playhouse on her stomping ''Kerosene.'' Metaphorical? Maybe, but he may want to invest in flame-retardant britches.

> ''Horsemen'' is a hazy, almost operatic slab of psych-rock awesomeness from A BAND OF BEES, the U.K.'s latest student-becomes-the-master retro fiends.

> Canadian chanteuse FEIST's Bee Gees cover ''Inside and Out'' is a glitter-dusted dream, tripping the synth fantastic for four blissful minutes.


> Not a Stones cover, this ''Bitch'' is the upcoming single from dance-rock group RINÔÇÉRÔSE that distills the Glimmer Twins' swagger into a disco-rock fantasia. Available at

> ANNIE's non-single ''Me Plus One'' still kills it — Blondie's ''Rapture'' meets Kylie's, well, anything, in her helium-giddy Norwegian sparkle-pop.

> The FOO FIGHTERS give the fat middle finger to radio with their thunderous album opener ''In Your Honor'' — the drums don't kick in till the 1:40 mark. But if anything makes us play air drums in our undies, it's this.

> The howling refrain of THE WHITE STRIPES' ''My Doorbell'' and Jack's infectious piano pouncing punctuate this thumper's vintage-rock appeal. The McCartneyesque vibe would make Sir Paul proud (or maybe jealous).

> It's easy to be ''Faithful'' to Chicago MC COMMON as he eschews conscious rap's tedious didacticism for a more lived-in wisdom on this breakdown of monogamy's pitfalls. Bilal and John Legend add skyscraping gospel flourishes. Preach.

> Leisurely dripping through the speakers, the luscious, Keith Sweat-sampling ''Purple Rain'' finds BEANIE SIGEL and Texan Bun B praising the illicit charms of cough-medicine-laced ''sizzurp.'' The perfect slo-mo score to your next, um, Pictionary party!

> In SPOON leader Britt Daniel's hoarse croon, even the grimly elegiac ''I Summon You'' sounds like a pretty, bare-bones prayer. And you can dance to it, too. (Not available on Napster.

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