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TV Paula-tics

Tout Link Text: Will Paula Abdul lose her job Will Paula Abdul lose her job -- Fox head Peter Liguori declined to comment whether the ''American Idol'' judge could get fired over the accusations of former contestant Corey Clark

After Fox announced on July 28 that an independent counsel will investigate Corey Clark's claim that he had an affair with American Idol judge Paula Abdul, Fox head Peter Liguori declined to ''speculate'' on whether she could lose her job. If so, fans will get their Paula fix when she joins Fox's new Idol clone, So You Think You Can Dance, giving dance lessons in video vignettes. Speaking of Idol rip-offs, NBC's I'm a Celebrity But I Wanna Be a Pop Star — which could be Lindsay Lohan's mantra — has been scrapped, reportedly because of budget conflicts. C-listers will still get to embarrass themselves this fall on Fox's Celebrity Idol.

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