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paying respects to a victim of hate in 'home of the brave'
Image credit: Home of the Brave: Kevin Blackmeyer/AP/Wide World
paying respects to a victim of hate in 'home of the brave'



''Home of the Brave''

Home of the Brave (Court TV, TV-14)
In 1965, the KKK gunned down Viola Liuzzo, the only white woman ever killed in the struggle for civil rights. Brave bears witness to the fallout from her criminally forgotten death, exploring a maze of conspiracies — FBI cover-ups, smear campaigns — that tore her family apart. Remarks then news correspondent Sander Vanocur: ''I reported in the South, and I reported in Vietnam. And I was twice as scared covering the South.'' A- — Nisha Gopalan

Renovate My Family (Fox, TV-PG)
Forget this L.A. family. My mom's house? Wood paneling and pussy willows.

Great Performances (PBS, TV-G)
It's a Cook, Dixon, and Young live concert, people! Think Three Tenors times Destiny's Child divided by Peter, Paul and Mary. *check local listings

8PM-CONCLUSION Monday Night Football (ABC)
The NFL's preseason kicks off with the Hall of Fame Game between the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears in Canton, Ohio. Most fans will be focusing on Miami's new coach, Nick Saban, while others will wonder if Dolphins halfback Ricky Williams will pull a Chappelle and suddenly run off the field to take another personal journey.

Miss Teen USA 2005 (NBC, TV-PG-V)
Aaron Carter and Kimberley Locke sing and serve as cautionary tales to fame-starved beauty queens.

Beautiful People (ABC Family, TV-14-D-L)
Cocaine. Hot-tub sex scenes. Wait — is this really from the network that airs reruns of Boy Meets World? My, how ABC Family has grown. But older doesn't mean wiser, as this Gilmore Girls rip-off proves. A single mother (Daphne Zuniga) and her two daughters (Sarah Foret and Torrey DeVitto) move from New Mexico to New York (played at different times by Toronto or a greenscreen, both unsuccessfully), where the trio of brunettes finds the big city quite different from Nuevo México. (Cue the coke and tub lovin'.) While the three leads are appealing and appropriately attractive, the script is beyond cliché and doesn't feel remotely believable. C- — Tim Stack

Too Late With Adam Carolla (Comedy Central, TV-14)
Sorta like Jon Stewart, but kinda with more back hair.

(Additional reporting by Charles Curtis)

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