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Taking the temperature of pop culture -- We rate the hottest and coldest in entertainment

100F  With a million videos already downloaded, the new iPod is a hit. You're shocked, we know.

80F  Star Trek's George Takei — a.k.a. Mr. Sulu — reveals he's gay. Set your phasers on stunned.

60F  Jamie Lee Curtis mulls retirement. So while tragically there will be no Christmas With the Kranks 2...

40F  ...we'll be treated to not only a Rocky 6 but a Rambo 4, says Sly Stallone. Next week: Rhinestone 2!

20F  War is indeed hell: FX prez praises stellar, Iraq-themed Over There, then kills the low-rated series.

0F  Woody Allen says Mia Farrow's finding nude pics of Soon-Yi in '92 was lucky. Um, congratulat...?

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