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Recommended songs for the week of Nov. 11: Find tunes on the web by Ghostface Killah, and others

Ghostface Killah | 'EASY' NOW Ghostface promises to ''getcha'' with his new single
Image credit: Ghostface Killah: Todd Selby / Retna
'EASY' NOW Ghostface promises to ''getcha'' with his new single

Download This: Songs by Ghostface Killah, and others

''I'm like the bogeyman, I'll getcha!'' hollers the infamous hip-hop ghoul on his new single. Still, no use trying to escape the rapper's infinite enthusiasm, especially on this horn-heavy track. Buy the track on iTunes

With its members grinding out James Brown-style Afrobeat grooves using a sax, trumpets, and bongos, this ecstatic 11-piece group whips up frenzied funk. Download it at Daptone Records

Employing Death Cab for Cutie's trademark emo-pop tendencies, Baltimore's Page France will make sensitive boys and girls cry tender tears with their spiritual hymn. Download it at Fall Records

Somewhere between '70s-style guitar-rock grandeur and pre-weird Radiohead lives this inebriated, quasi-hallucinatory tale from well-dressed foursome. Download it at Lovedrug's site

(Some of this week's links may expire after Nov. 18, 2005.)

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