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The Great American Pop Culture Quiz 2002

Test your knowledge of the year that brought us Kelly Clarkson, Norah Jones and Lance Bass in space ... almost

Just three years ago, Lance Bass missed out on a trip to space, Kelly Clarkson wowed voters (and Simon Cowell) to become AI's first winner, and Nelly got us all ''hot in herre'' (and made Band-Aids an unlikely fashion accessory). What other pop-culture moments do you remember from 2002?

1 In Spider-Man, Peter Parker enters a shady wrestling competition soon after he learns of his strange new powers. What not-very-catchy name does he give himself?

2 Singer-songwriter Norah Jones, who took home five Grammys with her breakout debut, Come Away With Me, is the daughter of what equally accomplished musician and onetime Beatles guru?

3 'N Syncer Lance Bass had to give up his dreams of spaceflight after he was unable to pay Russian officials how much money to hitch a ride on one of their rockets?

4 The male reproductive organs from which of these animals were NOT consumed by some unlucky contestants on an episode of Fear Factor?

A Bull
B Water Buffalo
C Bear
D Elk

5 At a coffee-table-busting 1,167 pages, Master of the Senate is the third volume of Robert A. Caro's highly regarded biography of what seminal '60s-era political figure?

6 What song did American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson sing in the show's season finale that also became her first single?

7 In the first installment of Fox's thankfully short-lived series Celebrity Boxing, bad-girl skater Tonya Harding traded blows with what infamous presidential accuser?

8 After Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) was gruesomely dispatched by an irate Tony in The Sopranos, his detached head was unceremoniously stashed in what kind of container?

9 In Nelly's near-inescapable summer anthem ''Hot in Herre,'' he's looking for the ''right time to flash'' what?

10 Which of these shows won the 2002 Emmy for best reality TV program?

A Taxicab Confessions
B The Osbournes
C Project Greenlight
D American High


1. The Human Spider; 2. Ravi Shankar; 3. $20 million; 4. C. Bear; 5. Lyndon Johnson; 6. ''A Moment Like This''; 7. Paula Jones; 8. A bowling bag; 9. ''Them keys''; 10. B. The Osbournes

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