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Hungry Man

We go inside David Lieberman's kitchen -- EW talks with the host of the Food Network's ''Eat This''

He's young, telegenic, and can whip up roasted red pepper and leek soup while most guys his age can't work the microwave. He's Dave Lieberman, the 25-year-old host of the Food Network's first-ever Web series, Eat This With Dave Lieberman, launching Nov. 21 ( We sat down with him at NYC's WD-50 restaurant to chat about taking the heat outside the kitchen.

Groupies The weirdest thing was a father who offered his daughter to me. He sent pictures of her in, like, a ballet leotard.

Roommates I don't feel the need to upgrade. Downgrade, maybe. We need to put another wall in my bedroom so I can have another roommate.

Celeb Chefs Oh yeah, Bobby [Flay] doesn't care about the money. [Laughs] Easy for them to say, 'You don't go into restaurants for the money,' while their bank accounts are burgeoning.

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