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The Simple-Minded Life

The literary ''Life'' of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton -- We give you an inside look at two new books from the stars of ''The Simple Life''

Nicole Richie's The Truth About Diamonds (ReganBooks, $23.95) is a thinly veiled novel about a ''rock royalty princess'' in Hollywood. Regrettable Quote ''I always thought Lanny was nice to a San Andreas fault.'' Possible Reference to an Ex-Friend ''Simone was good at...airing her dirty laundry in 'home videos' she and her boy toys liked to make.''

Paris Hilton's Your Heiress Diary (Fireside, $18) is a thinly written ''diary'' composed of quotes from Paris, pictures, and lots and lots of blank space — approximately 75 percent of the ''book,'' in fact. Regrettable Quote ''One of my heroes is Barbie.'' (Yes, that Barbie.) Possible Reference to an Ex-Friend ''If people aren't nice to you, they're jealous.''

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