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Rising Sons

A snapshot of celebrity offspring -- EW introduces you to some new faces with very familiar names

STEVEN R. MCQUEEN Age 17; the grand-son of the late Steve McQueen has a recurring role on The WB's Everwood. ''It definitely adds more pressure,'' he says, ''because everyone expects you to be great...and to have the blond-haired, blue-eyed look.''

JESSE KELLERMAN Age 27; the son of authors Jonathan and Faye Kellerman releases his debut thriller, Sunstroke, next month. ''The family lore holds that I was storytelling to my dad at a very young age, even before he began publishing,'' he says.

MAX MINGHELLA Age 20; the son of director Anthony Minghella stars in Bee Season, Syriana, and 2006's Art School Confidential. ''I considered changing my name to Smack Daddy, but I would've kept my last name,'' he says. ''I thought it had a ring to it.''

OWEN KLINE Age 14; the son of actors Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates stars in The Squid and the Whale. Says Squid costar Jesse Eisenberg: ''I was surprised to see that he understood the [film's] humor in a mature way I didn't expect.''

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