Stage Review

Mr. Marmalade (2005)


Details Opening Date: Nov 20, 2005; Lead Performance: Michael C. Hall; Writer: Noah Haidle; Director: Noah Haidle

If Michael C. Hall wants to shed the stiff-in-a-suit image he honed on Six Feet Under, a coke-snorting hornball role should help. ''Let's play doctor!'' he burbles, wagging his butt. ''My prostate hurts!'' Hall's Mr. Marmalade is the pretend pal of a tutu-clad toddler (Mamie Gummer) with an insanely overactive imagination; he's also the quirky centerpiece of Noah Haidle's cluttered, colorful black comedy. Haidle overdoes the eccentricity — a suicidal preschooler and talking plants? — but he doesn't skimp on originality.

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