Stage Review

Miss Witherspoon (2005)

Details Opening Date: Nov 29, 2005; Lead Performance: Kristine Nielsen; Writer: Christopher Durang; Director: Christopher Durang

Or It's a Wonderful Afterlife. After her suicide, cantankerous Veronica (Kristine Nielsen) meets a Hindu spirit guide (Mahira Kakkar) who calls in Jesus and Gandalf — yes, that Gandalf — to help cleanse Veronica's ''brown tweed'' aura. (Playwright Christopher Durang has a very, er, inclusive comedic aesthetic.) The actors sometimes slip into SNL-style caricature, but Nielsen's nuanced performance holds Miss Witherspoon together, as she nimbly (and hilariously) navigates Veronica's reincarnations, including a jabbering baby and a carefree canine.

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