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Memoirs of a Geisha Beauty Collection

(Fresh, $32.00-$48.00)

Image credit: Memoirs of a Geisha: David James

Holiday Gift Guide: Memoirs of a Geisha Beauty Collection

THE BACKSTORY The film adaptation of novelist Arthur Golden's sensuous Memoirs, about a girl who rises from poverty to become a glamorous geisha, inspired this line of cosmetics.

GIVE IT TO... Your mom, or any woman who likes to be pampered. She'll enjoy the face masks, soap sets, shimmer powder, and more.

LOWDOWN Fresh is known for its innovative scents and ingredients, and this special line lives up to that reputation. The Bath With Sake has a light apricot scent, while the Eau de Parfum blends hints of peach, white sandalwood, and rose. A

Originally posted Dec 02, 2005

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