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Violet and Corky, 'Bound' (1996)

Image credit: Bound: Randy Tepper

Gay love stories on film: ''Bound''

THE STORY Glamorous gangster moll Violet (Jennifer Tilly, left) and grimy-sexy ex-con Corky (Gina Gershon, right) conspire to swindle $2 million from the former's volatile boyfriend.

WHY IT'S MEMORABLE Sure, the central relationship in this feature debut from the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix) is a triumph of sex over substance. But who's got time for intellectual discourse when there's so much scorching-hot chemistry between Gershon and Tilly, not to mention an almost nonstop onslaught of noir-ish thrills?

WHAT EW SAID ''The titillation, for humans of all genders, that comes from watching two beautiful actresses breathing hard for each other is not to be undervalued.'' B+ (Read the review)

Originally posted Dec 02, 2005

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