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Helen and Jessica, 'Kissing Jessica Stein' (2001)

Gay love stories on film: ''Kissing Jessica Stein''

THE STORY The titular uptight journalist (Jennifer Westfeldt, right) discovers a chip in her hetero armor when, exasperated by her encounters with men, she decides to answer a personal ad written by free-spirited gallery manager Helen (Heather Juergensen, left).

WHY IT'S MEMORABLE Watching straight gal Jessica explore her same-sex attraction to Helen can occasionally be a maddening journey, but one that's never short on laughs: How many big-screen heroines would be loopy enough to press pause before a big kiss, just to ask, ''Is this with tongue?''

WHAT EW SAID ''Cute? Sure, why not: Who wouldn't enjoy snappy conversations between attractive women about how to do that thing that Sapphists do.'' B- (Read the review)

Originally posted Dec 02, 2005

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