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Lilly and Felice, 'Aimee & Jaguar' (1999)

Image credit: Aimee & Jaguar: Everett Collection

Gay love stories on film: ''Aimee & Jaguar''

THE STORY In 1940s Germany, Jewish lesbian Felice (Maria Schrader, right) seduces Lilly (Juliane Köhler, left), the wife of a German officer.

WHY IT'S MEMORABLE Talk about a complicated relationship! With every reason in the world not to explore their feelings, these finely sketched characters take the ultimate gamble on love. Don't forget the Kleenex.

WHAT EW SAID ''Dark-haired Schrader stares with I-dare-you eyes, playing a brave flirt; blond, dewy Köhler smiles, playing a woman astonished by new feelings.'' B+ (Read the review)

Originally posted Dec 02, 2005

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