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Omar and Johnny, 'My Beautiful Laundrette' (1985)

Image credit: My Beautiful Laundrette: Kobal Collection

Gay love stories on film: ''My Beautiful Laundrette''

THE STORY Ambitious Omar (Gordon Warnecke, left) and street-smart Johnny (Daniel Day-Lewis, right) transform the dumpy local Laundromat into an aesthetic delight.

WHY IT'S MEMORABLE Laundrette doesn't flinch from the racial tensions of Thatcher-era London, which makes the tender connection forged by our heroes all the more magnificent.

WHAT EW SAID ''Hair cropped short and dyed blond, [Day-Lewis is] a London punk startled to find himself in love with his best friend, an Asian entrepreneur.'' A- (Read the review)

Originally posted Dec 02, 2005

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