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A first look at 'Pepper Dennis'

Rebecca Romijn talks about her new show

''I was trying to do some recon work at a brothel that was fronting as a poker club and got tossed into a Dumpster,'' says Rebecca Romijn, explaining how she ended up trashed on the set of her new WB dramedy (premiering April 4 at 9 p.m.). So what attracted Romijn to her role as a tenacious TV reporter prone to slips, falls, and romantic misadventures? ''She's a scared little girl underneath it all,'' says the actress. ''But she's tough and outspoken.'' And she has great shoes. ''I said in our production meeting, 'Whenever we have running scenes, I want to be in four-inch stilettos. There's nothing funnier than running in high heels.'''

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