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Pink's Picks

These are a few of Pink's favorite things -- The singer shares her favorites, from TV shows to dogs

''Entourage is my favorite TV show. Carey got me into that show and now I'm hooked. I love Jeremy Piven. I think he's one of the funniest f---ers out there today.''

''She's my role model. The status of the biopic [an in-limbo project starring Pink as the late Joplin] is, if Janis wants it made, it will be made. If not, then good for her.''

''I cry at commercials and bake cupcakes and read [relationship advice book] 2002 Romantic Ideas. I checked off half the book.''

''I have two rescued junkyard mutts and two English bulldogs. I used to have a dog called F---er, but my dad adopted him and changed his name to Fred.''

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