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Dirty Dancing

Starring Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, and Jerry Orbach

Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, ... | 'DANCING' FEVER Grey and Swayze get down and Dirty
Image credit: Everett Collection
'DANCING' FEVER Grey and Swayze get down and Dirty

''Dirty Dancing'' is a dance movie you need to see

Here's the movie that made a nation swoon with fantasies that any woman, given a suitably hunky instructor (like Patrick Swayze), could learn to mambo like a pro. And that said hunky dance instructor would naturally fall for you if you were plucky enough, even if you looked like mousy, pre-rhinoplasty Jennifer Grey. As suggested by the title and the bump-and-grind moves of the after-hours dancers, it seemed there was a dirtier movie inside struggling to get out, but really, this tale of star-crossed romance at a Catskills resort in 1963 was a sweet, largely innocent throwback, the Grease of the '80s.

Originally posted Apr 04, 2006

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